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[bears_heading text=”SITUATION ANALYSIS ON PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY FOR THE 2017 GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION IN ANAMBRA STATE” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left” element_id=”1506151272255-d74b024e-3a80″ template=”eyJ0ZW1wbGF0ZSI6ImRlZmF1bHQucGhwIiwiYmFja2dyb3VuZF9pbWFnZSI6IiIsImJhY2tncm91bmRfc3R5bGUiOiJkZWZhdWx0IiwicGFkZGluZyI6IjIwcHggMCIsImxheW91dCI6ImRlZmF1bHQifQ==”]

The South East geo-political region of Nigeria has in recent time continued to experience some forms of agitation and expression of discontentment by its indigenes in reaction to the perceived disadvantaged political and economic position of the region in the Nigerian project. Of interest to the stir which is being championed by various formal, informal and social groups are activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The activities of IPOB and government response strategies have no doubt impacted on governance and livelihood in the entire South East, implied largely to perceived unrest indicating a threat to the overall development and peace in the region. To this effect, there has been widespread discontent by people of the region on  …….Read more

[bears_heading text=”ROADMAP FOR FOSTERING CIVIL MILITARY RELATIONS IN NIGERIA” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left” element_id=”1517327767931-f012c116-b919″ template=”eyJ0ZW1wbGF0ZSI6ImRlZmF1bHQucGhwIiwiYmFja2dyb3VuZF9pbWFnZSI6IiIsImJhY2tncm91bmRfc3R5bGUiOiJkZWZhdWx0IiwicGFkZGluZyI6IjIwcHggMCIsImxheW91dCI6ImRlZmF1bHQifQ==”]

The Civil Military Relations (CMR) project was conceived in response to the growing insecurities, mistrust and the changing nature of violent conflicts experienced across Nigeria, especially since the return to democracy in May 1999. The outbreak of violent conflicts and crimes has led to the consequent deployment of the Armed Forces in internal security operations in the country in an unprecedented scale. As at the last count, 30 out of 36 Nigeria’s 36 states are hosts to internal security operations being conducted by the Armed Forces. These new found roles of the military have come with little training on how to manage relations with, and expectations of, the civilians as they conduct internal operations or routine responsibilities …….Read more

[bears_heading text=”MIGRATION AND MOBILITY IN WEST AFRICA” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left” element_id=”1517223929317-7e9cfe53-65c7″ template=”eyJ0ZW1wbGF0ZSI6ImRlZmF1bHQucGhwIiwiYmFja2dyb3VuZF9pbWFnZSI6IiIsImJhY2tncm91bmRfc3R5bGUiOiJkZWZhdWx0IiwicGFkZGluZyI6IjIwcHggMCIsImxheW91dCI6ImRlZmF1bHQifQ==”]

The world as we know it today depends largely on migration to achieve the interspersing of cultures, goods, services and peoples. It serves as a veritable tool for adjusting skills, age and sectoral composition of national and regional labour markets, all of which when put together provide an enabling environment for the economic development of any society. Recognizing that the free movement of persons, goods and services is mandatory for economic development and regional integration, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has devoted much of its 40 years existence to promoting free movement of persons, goods and services across national boundaries in West Africa.While the efforts of ECOWAS to facilitate easy movement …..Read more.

[bears_heading text=”THE 2015 ELECTION VIABILITY SURVEY REPORT” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left” element_id=”1517223488319-1d9e1d8c-4373″ template=”eyJ0ZW1wbGF0ZSI6ImRlZmF1bHQucGhwIiwiYmFja2dyb3VuZF9pbWFnZSI6IiIsImJhY2tncm91bmRfc3R5bGUiOiJkZWZhdWx0IiwicGFkZGluZyI6IjIwcHggMCIsImxheW91dCI6ImRlZmF1bHQifQ==”]

The party primaries were conducted without known records of serious violence by various political parties, they were however not without alleged cases of deliberate attempts to favour one party aspirants over the other and of course “staged walk-outs” from the venue of the primaries. There were strong allegations of marked irregularities especially in the gubernatorial primaries in favour of some candidates.Party primaries in four out of the six states (Adamawa, Borno, Yobe and Taraba) were held in Abuja, ostensibly for security concerns. Management of the grievances for those who lost in the primaries is crucial for peaceful elections.The continuous advancement and sophistication of the Boko Haram group has been used by politicians to further hit up the politics …..Read more.

[bears_heading text=”THE 2014 ANNUAL REPORT” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left” element_id=”1517259003540-fc35c070-0b57″ template=”eyJ0ZW1wbGF0ZSI6ImRlZmF1bHQucGhwIiwiYmFja2dyb3VuZF9pbWFnZSI6IiIsImJhY2tncm91bmRfc3R5bGUiOiJkZWZhdWx0IiwicGFkZGluZyI6IjIwcHggMCIsImxheW91dCI6ImRlZmF1bHQifQ==”]

The primary duty of a criminal justice system is to dispense criminal justice in accordance with due process or rule of law. In practical terms, criminal justice refers to the determination of the guilt or innocence of a suspect and the allocation of punishment that is fair and proportional to a convict’s offence, with due recognition and protection of the rights of offenders, victims and society. Due process implies fair, open and impartial trial of a suspect. The essence of due process is to prevent coercion and persecution rather than prosecution of suspects. Due process also prohibits illegal arrest and detention; search and seizure; self – incrimination; double jeopardy; excessive bail and unduly long pre-trial detention, cruel and unusual punishment …..Read more.