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Innocent Chukwuma Memorial

Innocent Chukwuma Painfully Gone Too Soon

Innocent Chukwuma was a patriot who throughout his adult life struggled for a Nigerian nation where peace, justice, development and security are attained and sustained. He was one of the students within the NANS platform that opposed the arbitrary powers of the military rule in the 1980s’.. read more

CLEEN Foundation Offices Closed on Tuesday 6th April, 2021 in honour of its Founder-Innocent Chukwuma

The offices will be opened from Wednesday the 7th of April, 2021 to receive visitors and signing of the condolence registers opened in honour of Mr Innocent Chukwuma. Friends, well-wishers, partners, supporters wishing to sign these registers are enjoined to visit any of our offices closest to them to pay their last tributes. Tributes can also be sent via email to read more

IGP pays tributes to late Chukwuma, visits family in Lagos

The Acting Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, has paid tributes to the late founder of CLEEN Foundation, Innocent Chukwuma, and paid a condolence visit to his family on his sudden demise.. read more

We must hold on to optimism ― Innocent Chukwuma by Okechukwu Nwanguma

12.39 pm, Saturday, 3rd April, 2021. That was when I last spoke with my friend, Innocent Chukwuma. My calling him was prompted by the disturbing information I just then received from Dr. Chidi Odinkalu that Innocent was unwell and that his condition appeared to be serious. I was alarmed and wasn’t sure if he was able to speak but I tried, reluctantly. I was glad he took my call, and I asked him if he was fine. He said he wasn’t quite well and I told him I was concerned about the information I received about his condition and hospitalisation. He responded in a shaky, distressed voice, betraying a man not in his normal state of wellness, and said ‘It’s actually a cause for concern, but, you know, we’re in the business of being optimistic’.. read more

Innocent Chukwuma was Nigeria’s most authoritative voice on policing —Olisa Agbakoba

I was founding president of Nigeria’s first and premier human rights organization and at the time the third busiest NGO in the world, Civil Liberties organisation, CLO, behind Amnesty International, AI, and Human Rights Watch, HRW. We started off in 1987 with a small team, not clear of the future direction until a bundle of talents arrived, brought along by the late Emma Ezeazu, successor secretary to co-founder of CLO, Clement Nwankwo. read more

Ayo Obe’s tribute to Innocent Chukwuma

Innocent Chukwuma has left an indelible record in the history of Nigeria’s human rights and pro-democracy activism, and in showing the role that civil society can – and must play – in promoting and supporting good governance. He set a sterling example in the transparent and sustainable management of non-governmental organisations. read more

Innocent Chukwuma Lived Well, But Departed Too Early, By Dr. Freedom C. Onuoha

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. Ernest Hemingway
I got to hear of Innocent Chukwuma from Prof Okechukwu Ibeanu back in 2005 when I was on my Master’s Degree program in the Political Science Department at the University of Nigeria. Prof. Ibeanu had directed me to apply for a job at CLEEN Foundation as a Research Assistant. read more

Innocent Chukwuma: The enduring legacy of a beacon of hope for every generation – Samson Itodo

Innocent was intentional about investing in people, especially young people. I was 25 and fresh out of Law School when Innocent invited me to join a high-level Civil Society Panel on Police Reforms established by CLEEN Foundation to perform a diagnostics on policing in Nigeria and to proffer recommendations for repositioning the Nigerian Police. read more

Innocent Chukwuma: When great souls die – Wole Ojewale

Like many friends, comrades and associates of Innocent Chukwuma, I received the cold message from my former colleague by 12:33am on Sunday morning about the shocking exit of a man considered by many as an iroko tree and a big masquerade in the organized civil society and democracy struggle in Nigeria. read more

Celebrating the Life and Times of Nigeria’s Impact Investment Hero, Innocent Chukwuma

Innocent Chukwuma was a father, a mentor, a brother, a friend, a pioneer, a giver and he believed in all of the possibilities of making Nigeria a superpower through the lens of Impact Investing. read more

Remembering Innocent – Prof Rainuka Dagar

The passing away of Innocent Chukwuma on the evening of third April was tragic; only 55 years of age and moments before he started treatment for the Acute Myeloid Leukaemia that was diagnosed a day earlier. He was a human rights warrior with a difference. read more

CISLAC mourns Chukwuma, says was renowned human rights activist

The Executive Director, CISLAC, Auwal Ibrahim Rafsanjani, in a statement described Chukwuma as an exemplary Civil Society leader and renowned human right activist with great sense of humour. read more

In Memoriam: Innocent Chukwuma By Sam Muller

Innocent was a long time friend, advocate, and collaborator with HiiL. He pioneered evidence-based working in the justice sector over 10 years ago and worked tirelessly to advance the cause of justice around the world. For us, Innocent was a pioneer amongst the pioneers. He provided HiiL with valuable advice in these challenging times and led by example as Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Law Enforcement Education in Nigeria (CLEEN Foundation).. read more

TRIBUTE: Lessons from Innocent Chukwuma by Nengak Daniel

I knew Innocent Chukwuma for about eight years, but it feels like much longer. As we mourn his sudden demise, I draw comfort from some of the lessons he taught me and I thought to share some here.. read more

Blown out like a candle in the wind: A tribute to Innocent Chukwuma by Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye 

I was a bit close to Innocent Chukwuma within the civil society and development agitation space. Long before Innocent became the Regional Director for West Africa Office of Ford Foundation our paths had crossed in a number of civil society projects including serving as joint consultants for DFID in 2008 to design one of its development intervention projects in Nigeria.. read more

Innocent Chukwuma was a thoroughbred activist by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

I was greatly saddened by the news of the passing of Innocent Chukwuma, a thoroughbred social activist, my friend and collaborator of many years. Innocent, then in CLEEN Foundation, was a crucial resource in Police reform in support of our justice reform efforts in Lagos State in my time as Attorney-General… read more

TRIBUTE: The Innocent Chukwuma I knew – Rommy Mom 

I cannot pretend to be of the Innocent Chukwuma breed that fought the military junta from campus to activism with badges and relics of what that generation of activists suffered or went through in birthing democracy… read more


And the patriot died… 

In the 55 short years that he lived, Chukwuma had made his impact on the system felt at the national and international levels. Starting as a student leader at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he studied Religion, his voice was heard above the din; marked out as one to watch in the future… read more

Remembering Innocent Chukwuma, a pioneer in Nigeria’s impact movement

From 2013 to 2021, Innocent served as Director of the Ford Foundation’s West Africa office, overseeing the Foundation’s grant-making activities while catalysing private and public cooperation in the region. Prior to that, he founded and led the CLEEN Foundation to promote public safety, security, and accessible justice in West Africa. CLEEN was the first African non-governmental organisation to receive the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative and Effective Institutions… read more


Passing of Innocent Chukwuma

Innocent and CLEEN Foundation, the organization he established in 1998 have been an indelible part of OSIWA’s work from our inception. His innovative ideas around police and criminal justice reform made profound impact on our work across West Africa and influenced the activities and advocacy of many across Africa and the world… read more


“Good Night” to one of the best among us – Innocent Chukwuma by WACSI

For the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), an organisation that focuses on strengthening civil society’s effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability in West Africa primarily, Innocent has been an ally and often shared brilliant ideas with us on nurturing leadership in the civil society space. It was with Innocent that we discussed and improved on the idea of a leadership programme for middle management in civil society and discussed different ways of strengthening local philanthropy, not only in West Africa but the continent. … read more


The Innocent Chukwuma I know by Dr. Christie Onyekachi-Olejemeh 

When I joined CLO in the late nineties, Innocent made time from his remarkably busy schedule to say hello to the new kid on the ‘block of men’! Very jovial, funny and holds the skill of calming nerves. Innocent was pious, does what is right by him. Religion was always one of our discussions. He believed and practiced human rights advocacy with sincerity and honesty. I recall after one of the many women’s rights trainings that we attended, during dinner, he had entertained everyone with his jokes. .. read more


Tribute to Innocent Chukwuma (1966 – 2021) – Atedo N A Peterside CON

I was always struck by the fact that our mutual friends and associates assumed that Innocent Chukwuma and I had known each other for a very long time. In reality, our paths only crossed for the first time around 2014. . .. read more


We have lost our Innocent

Two weeks ago, I lost a comrade, brother, and friend, Innocent Chukwuma. Innoma, as I called him, was 55, and until a few months ago when he retired, the regional director (West Africa) of Ford Foundation. Every waking moment in the last two weeks has left me thinking about life and Innocent Chukwuma’s death. . .. read more

ChannelsTV Sympathises With Late Innocent Chukwuma Family

I was always struck by the fact that our mutual friends and associates assumed that Innocent Chukwuma and I had known each other for a very long time. In reality, our paths only crossed for the first time around 2014. . .. read more


Innocent Chukwuma: Evergreen legacies that never fade

His death struck like lightning: swift, decisive and frightening. How can we humans disappear, like a loose kite in the sky, just like that, with all the knowledge, the wits, the future we all look at, like a far-off blistering star? If death was thoughtful enough, Inno should not have been the next victim. . .. read more


Innocent Chukwuma: Fulfilled Purpose and Dying Empty, By Omano Edigheji

Inno, you played your part as a positive change agent to make Nigeria, in particular, and the world, in general, a better place. . .. read more

Chukwuma and the Big War against cancer

I was so devastated and have yet to recover from the shock of the news of the sudden transition of Mr. Innocent Chukwuma, the immediate past Director of Ford Foundation’s West Africa office. I am indeed saddened at the loss of Innocent, one of the most devoted civil rights activists in sub-Saharan Africa. I express my deepest condolences to the bereaved family, especially Mrs. Josephine Effa-Chukwuma and their daughters.. . .. read more


CDD Mourns the Loss of Innocent Chukwuma; Eulogises the Indelible Marks Left Behind

Innocent Chukwuma was one of the civil society activists who fought to entrench the hardwon democracy currently enjoyed in Nigeria. His dedication to the ideals of democracy, human rights, and good governance led him to establish the CLEEN Foundation, to promote public safety, protection, and access to justice.. . .. read more

Innocent Chukwuma: A thank you note to our leader and one of God’s finest creatures by Chigozirim Okoro 

CLEEN Foundation was founded by Innocent at a time in Nigeria’s history when policing and law enforcement services were characterized by impunity and human rights violations under a military rule. . .. read more

A tribute to our Founder, Innocent Chukwuma

Words fail me to express how I feel about your death and to think that you have truly crossed over. Since the 3rd of April 2021 when I received the most shocking news in recent times, I have picked up my pen a few times to write this tribute but my tears have never stopped flowing… . .. read more

The Task Innocent Chukwuma Left for Us to Complete

My engagement with the CLEEN Foundation, which Innocent conceived, dates back to 2010 before I got to know Innocent in person. I was commissioned by CLEEN Foundation to be part of a team to undertake a Security Threat Assessment (STA) of the country in the run up to the 2011 elections. . .. read more

Nigeria’s Innocent Chukwuma, voice of a generation

Innocent’s advocacy for more accountable government, together with his brave and innovative activism against Nigeria’s military junta, earned him friends and admirers across Africa and internationally. . .. read more

Innocent Chukwuma, Nigerian activist, pivotal pro-democracy campaigner and leading justice reform pioneer

Innocent Chukwuma, who died on the eve of Easter Sunday, on 3 April 2021, shortly after being diagnosed with leukaemia, was arguably the most influential strategist of his generation in Nigeria’s human rights movement and one of the pivotal advocates for more accountable government and the end of military rule in Africa’s most populous country. He was also Africa’s leading expert on police and law enforcement reform. .. . .. read more