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Promoting Accountability and Transparency in the Implementation of ACJA

CLEEN Foundation is currently executing a 3-years project that will contribute to reducing corruption, promote judicial transparency in processing anti-corruption cases; and enhance accountability in the criminal justice system in Nigeria with the support of MacArthur Foundation. The project aims to digitize court proceedings, to track completed cases, court trials /proceedings, and injunctions in relations to corruption, accountability, and transparency in the administration of the criminal justice system in Nigeria. CLEEN deployed representatives to courts to get needed information to achieve the above objective. The project operates in 8 focal states – namely Lagos, Oyo, Ekiti Ondo, Anambra, Enugu, Kaduna and FCT.

Foundation holds Bi-Annual National working group meetings and also Bi-monthly
states level working group meetings which main essence it to ensuring effective
implementation of Administration of criminal justice systems reform across the
8 focal states of the project through our states partners and project working
group members.

Currently, CLEEN has embarked on the creation of resource centers across the focal states of the project, the whole aim is for the citizens, legal practitioners and researchers to have access to the hard copies of court judgments on corruption and financial crime in relations to ACJA 2015. In addition to this, CLEEN also has a web platform called UWAZI. This platform is aimed at digitalizing courts proceedings/judgments in Nigeria with a view to promoting accountability and transparency in the fight against corruption. The platform enables users to scan, upload, publish court documents and create a table of contents while end users can search, filter documents, track changes, cross reference and download documents/court rulings on corruption cases. The goal of Uwazi is, therefore, to enhance easier access to court documents on corruption online and this is accessible via this urlè

CLEEN Foundation is also a member of the monitoring sub-committee of the Administration of Criminal Monitoring Committee with the mandate to collate data in ascertaining the level of awareness and compliance with the provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 from stakeholders and other end users of the criminal justice system. CLEEN also worked with CSOs ACJA Observatory Members that function lies in ensuring adoption of ACJL in States. We developed MobileApp that contain States ACJL which could easily be downloaded for awareness and enlightenment.