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Creation of informal periodic forums for exchange of views and discussion among community stakeholders in the Niger Delta conflict and strengthening latent community channels of communications where they already exist.

Conflict Management is an area CLEEN FOUNDATION wants to go into fully starting from 2005, in respect to this, CLEEN underwent an internal strategic plan and re-structuring to accommodate this new initiative. Although the concept of Community Policing, involves conflict prevention and management, CLEEN FOUNDATION considers herself as not into conflict management until now.


The establishment of any forum is preceded by a two-day workshop in which the idea is explained. Issues such as how police handle complaints from civilians, the strategies of crime prevention and detection as well as strategies of enhancing police community partnership is discussed by stakeholders at the workshops. In attendance at the workshops are usually representatives of the police who take time to answer to community concerns about policing.

At the end of the workshops, CLEEN donates office equipment to the forum to enable it offer some form of secretarial services to the community with minimum consideration and free to the police. Thereafter, the members of the forum meet from time to time to discuss security issues with the police.
The coordinators of the forums send reports of activities of the forum regularly and they were evaluated at intervals.

The implementation project in Lagos state started with series of letters, meetings and trainings with the relevant stakeholders in the project. The crime victimization survey started on 16 th of August, 2004, and ended in 15 days latter, it took place in 14 LGAs in Lagos metropolis with 14 supervisors and 28 enumerators from both CLEEN and FOS.

The community police partnership forum project is over and had been accomplished, it was a two year project that started on January 2001 and ended on December 2003. The implementation of community policing in Lagos state is an ongoing project, which started on March 1, 2004. It shall end in March, 2006.