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Esther Mabadeje

Esther Mabadeje is presently a Programme officer with the CLEEN Foundation. She holds an LLB law degree from the University of Nigeria, with an MBA in Human Resource Management from Amadu Bello University. Her work at the CLEEN Foundation revolves around activities that promote Human Rights, gender rights, Access to Justice, transparency and accountability in the security and justice sector in Nigeria. She also supports the Human Resources Unit of the organization. As a legal practitioner with 10 years post-call experience in Litigation and Corporate law and governance; And a passionate development practitioner with a 6-year expertise within the developmental sector, her wealth of experience has earned her a striking flair for professionalism and Excellence in service. She is a fast rising and astute crusader for justice, gender equality & security sector reforms, having garnered a rich blend of skills from the legal, developmental and HR fields. Her length of experience in legal drafting, litigation, legal advocacy, general advocacy, research, extensive writing, human rights programming, gender programming, counseling & human resource management makes her a vital team player within the organization.