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The overriding objective of this project is to promote a strong   partnership between the police and the informal policing structures in improving safety and security in the society. The Informal Policing structures are the non state actors such as the community based vigilante formations, the neighborhood watch groups; religious based vigilante groups who play key roles in providing safety and security in the society. The project   recommends a networking strategy that would open up channels of communication between the formal police and informal structures so as to maximize the strengths of informal groups such as proximity to the end users and also build community confidence in them as providers of security and safety in the neighborhoods. To minimize the problems associated with the activities of the IPS groups such as vigilante justice  and human rights violations the   project encourages  capacity building  activities  for members of the Informal policing groups through the facilitation of training , workshops on the  rules of conduct and the  observance of human rights  standards in  carrying out their duties in the community . These trainings are organized in partnership with the police and the Human rights commission.


In furtherance to the objectives of the project, CLEEN Foundation in partnership with the Nigeria police, zone 2 command organized a summit recently at the Lagos airport Hotel on the Wednesday 23rd of July 2008. The summit was organized as a logical follow up to a number of studies conducted by CLEEN Foundation on the activities of the Informal policing groups in Nigeria over the past eight years. Some of such studies are; the law enforcement quarterly magazine , Law enforcement review which started in July , 2000 which  focused on vigilantes and policing in Nigeria , followed by a ground breaking study on informal policing in Nigeria published in 2002. The most recent is the mapping study of informal policing groups in eight states in Nigeria conducted in 2007 with the support from the security and growth programme of the DFID.

The summit brought together stakeholders on security in Lagos and Ogun states to discuss ways of improving the conduct and performance of vigilante groups in the states. The summit in general enhanced the cooperation between the police and vigilante groups in the prevention and control of crime in the state.
One of the outcomes of the summit was the development of some measure for standardizing the conduct and activities of vigilante groups in Lagos and Ogun states.