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Are you interested in pursuing a career or gaining experience in justice and security sector reforms? An internship at the CLEEN Foundation would provide you with rich experience in our 5 thematic areas of focus namely a) Accountability and Justice; b) Public Safety and Security; c) Research and Strategy Development; d) Building Capacity and Expertise; and e) International Programmes.
Intending applicants should be graduates of any recognized higher education institution with qualifications in the field of Humanities, Social Sciences, Accounting/Finance/Business Management and other related fields.


Internships at the CLEEN Foundation will run for either a period of 6 months or 12 months. Internships running for 6 months may be extended for another 6 months subject to satisfactory evaluation and agreement between the intern and CLEEN Foundation. However, Internships shall not exceed the period of 12 months.


All interns of the CLEEN Foundation will work from one of the offices of the Foundation located in Abuja, Lagos and Owerri except when seconded to another organization. The rules governing staff conduct, working hours and supervision which applies to CLEEN Foundation’s staff will equally apply to the interns except where exemptions are approved by the Executive Director and contained in the intern’s offer letter.


In principle, internships at the CLEEN Foundation are unpaid. Interns are therefore expected to bear the cost of their relocation, upkeep and transportation during the internship. The organization will however cover the cost of official trips and work-related expenses as well as endeavour to provide a monthly stipend. The details of such stipends, if applicable, will be contained in the intern’s offer letter.


  1. Special Internship Scheme: CLEEN Foundation will periodically initiate tailored internship programmes to recruit interns to work on specific tasks. The requirements and application procedure as well as the terms of such internship will be published when available.
  2. Institutional Internship Placements: Individuals seeking to apply for internship in the CLEEN Foundation as part of an institutional placement, academic programme or fellowship are welcome to apply at any point during the year. While the general application procedure below will apply, such applicants (or their sponsoring institution) are to submit in addition to the application documents a letter detailing the terms and expectations of such internship.
  3. General Internship Scheme: CLEEN Foundation operates a general internship calendar with interns to be recruited typically in January and in July. However, depending on the organisation’s needs, interns can be recruited at other times of the year as well. Applications are received on a rolling basis using the application procedure included below. Once applications are received, they will be reviewed for merit and shortlisted candidates will be assessed against current organisation’s needs and available resources. Positively matched candidates will be contacted for recruitment within 3 months of their application. All prospective interns will be invited for a recruitment test which will include a written test and an oral interview to be supervised by the Executive Director.


For a candidate to be considered for recruitment as an intern of the CLEEN Foundation in the General Internship Scheme or the Institutional Internship Placements, he/she is expected to submit a detailed resume and a letter of motivation.

  1. Resume: The candidate’s resume must contain the following information: bio-data and address; educational background; work experience (if applicable); publications (if applicable); awards/prizes (if applicable); and contact details of 2 academic/professional referees who will be contacted to submit a confidential report.
  2. Letter of Motivation: Every candidate is expected to submit a letter of motivation which should not be more than 700 words. This document should discuss their motivation for seeking an internship opportunity and how the placement would contribute to their future careers. The document should also demonstrate familiarity of the applicants with the work of the foundation as well as the applicant’s expectations from CLEEN Foundation.
  3. Validity of Application: Every complete application will be valid for 3 months from the date of submission. Candidates need not make fresh submissions within this period unless there have been significant developments altering the submitted application.
  4. Contact during Application: Prospective interns are expected to consult the organizations website to find relevant information while preparing their applications. However, email enquiries to the Foundation will be treated and responded to, provided such enquiries do not place the specific intern at an advantage.



Recruitment Period

6months Internship Period

1 year Internship Period

1 December 2017 January – June 2018
2 June 2018 July – December 2018
3 December 2018 January – June 2019 January–December 2019
4 June 2019 July – December 2019