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Salaudeen Hashim

Salaudeen possesses over a decade of social development work experience in varied result-oriented corporate development environments. An expert Defence and Security practitioner as well as Policy and Legislative Advocacy trainer. He is a community organizer and the Secretary of the National Peace and Security Forum. He has over a decade of experience engaging civil -security relations and providing a key roadmap to the sector. He has written articles and publications related to public accountability in the security sector. He coordinates the Partnership Against Violent Extremism in the North Central. He holds a B.Sc. in Management Science and Masters in Business Administration as well as an in Project Management and is currently a PhD student in Defence and Strategic Studies with the Nigeria Defence Academy.

Salaudeen worked in the North-East strengthening capacities of non-state actors to engage constructively both at vertical and horizontal levels. His work around the protection of civilians and civilian harm mitigation has spurred parliamentary investigations and public hearings. He is a repository of knowledge and sector experience. He is energetic and upward looking, his burning desire is to make a positive mark in any position or organisation he finds himself. He has competence in the articulation of ideas and implementation of projects, aided with a good knowledge of ICT, data management and proficient use of the internet. Personal skills include the ability to multi-task, stay organized, learn fast and adapt timely to ever-changing situations. He is personable and possesses strong communication skills with the ability to convey information clearly, verbally and in writing. He cherishes integrity and admires team work.