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Civil Military Relations-CLEEN Foundation partners Nigeria Navy

Civil Military Relations-CLEEN Foundation partners Nigeria Navy

CLEEN Foundation, a leading NGO with vast experience in the justice and security sector, having recognized the importance of security agents in its work, embarked on a courtesy visit on the 24th day of April 2018 to the transformation branch of the Nigerian Navy at the Naval Headquarters Abuja.
The visit was to introduce the Third Phase of our project ” Fostering Civil-Military Relations”. The project seeks to strengthen civil-military relations by fostering sustained dialogues and improve understanding between the military and civil populace with the goals to improve accountability, security and respect for fundamental human rights in Nigeria.
Mr. Bee Ibe-Enwo, Chief of Naval Transformation, received the CLEEN team. Mr. Bee explained that the transformation branch of the Nigerian Navy was established in order to re-focus on the security sector. However, he assured that citizens’ welfare is the overall goal of the branch.
On behalf of the Nigerian Navy, Mr. Bee commended CLEEN for its work on the civil-military relations. In his words ‘Your work no doubt has bridged the gap between the citizens and the security agencies, and as a result, the civilians are now getting very close to security agencies’. He appealed to CLEEN to make available to the military, information in its possession that will help to secure citizens lives in Nigeria. However, he urged that it is important that the media and CSOs cross check information at their disposal in order to establish facts before publishing them.
He admitted that the military has made mistakes in the past, and are working to correct the errors. It is discouraging to see some civilians frustrating military efforts he said.
Mr. Bee appealed to CLEEN Foundation to explore the option of organizing training for officers of the Nigerian Navy and also explore Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism in response to the security challenges in Benue and other volatile states in Nigeria. The approach will bring together, state and non-state actors to seek true reconciliation he said.
He also appealed to CLEEN for working within its power to help bring peace in the Niger-Delta region.

Audu Liberty Oseni, CLEEN Foundation

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