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Capacity Building for CLEEN Staff on Research & Policy Advocacy

Capacity Building for CLEEN Staff on Research & Policy Advocacy

Following the recognized capacity gaps in the CLEEN workforce in the area of “Research & Policy Advocacy, CLEEN Foundation with support from Ford Foundation organized a 2-day training in Abuja between 12th & 13th September 2022, aimed at closing the gaps and enhancing the capacity of key staff for improved service delivery. The objective of the training was to enhance the abilities of staff members, organisations and systems to undertake and disseminate high-quality research efficiently and effectively.

The training approach through the use of PowerPoint presentations, practical, interactive/feedback mechanisms and group assignments, simplified the principal goals of research, research planning and management, data analysis & interpretation, proposal writing, Monitoring & Evaluation, learning and knowledge management, amongst other topics. Improving the scientific research capacity of an institution forms part of its overall scientific research culture. An institution with a strong scientific research culture, CLEEN has a background of evidence-based advocacy that supports continuous improvement in its research capacity. It also follows administrative actions that demonstrate clearly that scientific research activities are worthwhile and a recognized part of the institution.

The key trainer, Prof Etannibi Alemika, emphatically stated that if CLEEN prides herself as a research-led advocacy organization, sample collection during the research should not be based on prejudice or bias to avoid watering down the accuracy of the research. 

Following trainers’ advice and recommendations, and as part of the next steps, members of staff were challenged to do litmus test research in-house; and in conclusion, the ED, Gad Peter, urged staff to reflect more on proposal writing as outlined during the training, reminding staff of the essence of working in the organization and the value they need to sustain in repositioning the organization for greater heights.

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