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Webinar In Commemoration of the International Day of Peace

Webinar In Commemoration of the International Day of Peace


Theme: End Racism: Build Peace

Sub-theme: Voices for Action Against Racism –A Nation in Search for Peace and Security for Progress: Raising Youth Voices”#PeaceNigeria.”

Racism is as old as mankind itself and it dates back to the 13th century; it can be likened to ethnic bigotry, diversity or religious pluralism in Nigeria which are sometimes driven by ethnic or personal interests; and understanding the root causes of ethnic or communal conflicts, is critical to national peace building.

As part of its strategic priorities and readiness in promoting dialogues that strengthen peace among Nigerians, as well as to commemorate the International Peace Day, CLEEN Foundation with support from Ford Foundation, held a youth-led webinar on September 21, 2022 which saw youth peace and security activists, beneficiaries from CLEEN Stakeholders, Law Enforcement Personnel, and other strategic partners in participation. 

The webinar served as a clarion call to both state and non-state actors to design realistic actions based on identified gaps towards ending all forms of racism and ethnicity. From panel discussions bothering on the issues disturbing the peace and security of the country, protection measures to safeguard Nigerian youth peace activists, amplifying youth voices to promote peace at local levels, referencing the success behind the EndSARS ‘successful & united’ protest, the panelists established that Nigeria has been divided for a long time along ethnic and religious lines, therefore a right mindset is critical to be able to defy ethnic influences in mobilizing common action in favor of social justice and peace building.

The webinar ended on the strong note that Nigerians need to imbibe a shared common identity that fosters peace and progress, desist from identifying and using one’s ethnic background or religion as a predetermining factor for special opportunities; so as to effectively shun all forms of ethnicity, religious bigotry, corrupt tendencies, tribalism and nepotism.

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