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Youth Dialogue and Live Radio Talk Show in Commemoration of International World Peace Day in Edo State

Youth Dialogue and Live Radio Talk Show in Commemoration of International World Peace Day in Edo State

Youth Dialogue and Live Radio Talk Show in Commemoration of International World Peace Day in Edo State

To observe the International World Peace Day, the CLEEN Foundation office in Edo State held a one-day interactive youth dialogue, themed “Resultant Effects of Ignoring Peace Building in the Nigerian Society” and a live radio themed “The Role of Women in Peace Building in Edo State on the 27th and 29th of September 2022 respectively.

The youth dialogue had in attendance members of civil society organizations, religious organizations and the Media. The methodology included plenary discussions, presentations, questions and answers and general discussions, during which participants were made to share experiences on how they have in one way or another, kept peace or contributed to peacebuilding in their environments. 

Racism, over the years, has destabilized societies, undermined democracies, been a driver of persistent inequality, poisoned institutions, social structures, and everyday life in every society; and as conflicts continue to erupt across the globe, fostering peace has thus become a crucial way to curb racism. 

To drive home, the significance of peace building on national and international levels, the speakers independently spoke on the roles of every youth in building peace, acts of racism, resultant effects of ignoring peace building in our society, early warnings of conflicts, discrimination amongst the Nigerian society especially through tribalism, religion, cultural differences; and most importantly, why CLEEN FOUNDATION is interested in peace. 

The interactive dialogue ended on the note that peace building is a fundamental right and an important part of nation building and development, and its responsibility rests on the shoulders of the youths. 

Concluding, one of the presenters stood firm on the position that the power of change lies with the youths who are the fundamental elements in nation and peace building. He urged youths to break the bridge and stop racism by getting involved in politics, learning more about their fundamental rights by reading the 1999 constitution, and also advised that youths ‘should live, love and make sacrifices. 

In the same light, the live radio talk show encouraged women to build resilience, be willing to contribute to the growth and progress of their community and pay attention to policies and laws in the state. 

The one-day live radio program which was primarily to promote participation among women and provide adequate information for women in Nigeria, especially in Edo state, was aired by DAAR Communications (AIT) in Pidgin English with active listeners from the grassroots engaged by asking questions, sharing their experiences, knowledge, and understanding of the subject through call-in, WhatsApp and SMS. 

The facilitator, Executive Director of Indomitable Youth Organization, Ufuoma Akpobi reinstated the roles of women in peace building, advising women to instill in their children and wards, peace and conflict resolution from a tender age as the home is the first point of call. 

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