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Off-Cycle Election in Ondo State: Act Before Things Fall Apart

Off-Cycle Election in Ondo State: Act Before Things Fall Apart

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Off-Cycle Election in Ondo State: Act Before Things Fall Apart

Recent developments and reports have raised significant concerns about the potential for violence and security breaches during the election. The off-cycle election in Ondo State presents unique challenges and opportunities for ensuring the security and integrity of the electoral process. This is also because of the trajectory of the state around election-related violence. Effective election security management is the Holy Grail to safeguarding the democratic rights of voters and maintaining public confidence in the electoral system.

As the off-cycle election in Ondo State approaches, some of the symptoms of electoral act infractions are already playing out with the variety of attacks on the campaign. The early warning suggests that political thugs will be playing active roles during pre-election activities.

CLEEN is underway with its traditional Election Security Threats Analysis (ESTA) through a thorough risk assessment, which has become essential for identifying potential security threats and vulnerabilities. The ESTA will map out high-risk areas based on past incidents and current intelligence. Engage with local communities to understand their concerns and gather information on potential flashpoints. Coordinate with security agencies, civil society organizations, and political stakeholders to share information and develop a comprehensive security plan.

As the state prepares for the elections, effective security management is vital for ensuring a peaceful and credible off-cycle election. Security stakeholders must work closely with non-state actors to develop a comprehensive risk assessment and use the risk matrix to determine the strategic deployment of security personnel. They must also leverage technology and implement robust monitoring and reporting mechanisms. This provides the only pathway to safeguard the electoral process and uphold the democratic rights of all citizens of Ondo State.

CLEEN Foundation calls on security agencies to take proactive measures to mitigate these risks. Ensuring the safety of voters, election officials, and all other participants is paramount to upholding the integrity of the electoral process. Preventive measures must be prioritized to avert violence and ensure a peaceful election. This includes strategic deployment of security personnel, surveillance, and swift response to any incidents of violence or intimidation. We also call for accountability and transparency in handling any breaches of security, ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice.

The off-cycle election in Ondo State is a critical test of our collective commitment to democracy, the electoral umpire, the election security stakeholders, and the good people of Ondo State in general.



Gad Peter

Executive Director


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