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CLEEN trained Community women in mediation and digital skills for peaceful coexistence in Plateau and Kaduna

CLEEN trained Community women in mediation and digital skills for peaceful coexistence in Plateau and Kaduna

The CLEEN Foundation, with the support of the Norwegian Embassy and UN Women, organized a five-day mediation and digital skills training workshop for women mediators in Plateau and Kaduna. During the workshop, the participants identified the root causes of conflicts in their communities and provided solutions to foster peace among citizens. The facilitators educated the participants on topics such as understanding conflicts/violence and peacebuilding, mediation skills and techniques, the mediation process and principles, digital skills in peacebuilding, and gender in conflict and peacebuilding. The five-day training workshop aimed to enhance the skills of women mediators to strengthen their capacity to positively influence their homes and communities.

The Executive Director of CLEEN Foundation, Gad Peter, explained that the mediation training was for critical stakeholders in four local government areas of Plateau State, namely Mangu, Riyom, Jos North, and Wase. He emphasized that women are critical community stakeholders and should not fold their hands during conflict. He encouraged them to be recognized as stakeholders in peacebuilding. The participants were enthused and drew up program activities as a team. They intended to step down as women mediators in their local government areas. The facilitators, Dr Salaudeen Hashim, Chigorizim Okoro, Lantana Ahmed, Dr Gabriel Akinremi, Benard Ekobay, and Dr Olutoyin Falade, cut across the UNWomen and CLEEN Foundation.  Some participants expressed gratitude for their education on conflict resolution, including its dimensions and outcomes. Rabi Muhammad Hassan and Umaima Adam from Mangu and Jos North Local Government areas, respectively, expressed their appreciation for the digital skills they acquired during the training, such as creating WhatsApp and other social media platforms. They noted that such skills would enable them to mediate conflicts online, which is cost-effective, flexible, and stress-free.

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