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Insecurity: An impediment to development

Insecurity: An impediment to development

It has been observed that conflict and insecurity is not only undermine social cohension but also impede development and prosperity for all.

This important sensitization campaign on Women Mediation and Conflict Prevention plan among states’ peace structures, in response to conflict and insecurity was organised by CLEEN Foundation – an organization committed to promoting public safety, security, and accessible justice in Nigeria.

Speaking during the opening of the Sensitization Campaign on Women’s Mediation- Expertise in Response to Conflict and Security Issues in Plateau State, the Foundation’s Executive Director, Gad Peter, asserted that, “The theme of today’s campaign underscores the critical role in mediation and conflict prevention, particularly in the context of addressing the multifaceted challenges of conflict and insecurity facing the nation.”

According to him, “Women are often at the forefront of community dynamics, bringing unique perspectives, experiences and skills to the table when it comes to mediation and conflict resolution.

“This involvement is not just desirable, it is imperative for sustainable peace- building efforts. However, their contributions are frequently underutilized and undervalued.”

Mr. Gad Peter noted that, “Today, we are aim to change the narrative. Through this sensitization campaign, we seek to raise awareness about the importance of integrating women into state peace structures and empowering them to take on leadership roles in Mediation and Conflict Prevention initiatives.

“By doing so, we can harness the full potential of our communities to foster peace, stability, and resilience, in the face of adversity,” he stressed.

While urging all stakeholders present to actively engage in discussions, with insights, and commit a concrete action that will advance the cause of women’s Mediation and Conflict Prevention, Gad Peter stressed that, “Together, we can build a more inclusive and peaceful society for the generation to come.”

Speaking also, on the project overview towards Strengthening, Capacity, Advocacy and Local Engagement-Women Mediation CLEEN Foundation, Mr. Benard Ekobay, Senior Program Officer of CLEEN Foundation, said “Government institutions at the Federal and State levels are strengthened to provide strategic leadership and effectively coordinate the development and localization of Nigeria’s 3rd National Action Plan and updated State-level Action Plans on WPS.”

He observed that, representation and leadership of Women in Peace-building Networks and WPS advocates in conflict prevention and mediation are increased and state-level structures sustained to effectively lead on integration and accountability for women, peace and security.

He noted that, “Representation and participation of women in political leadership are strengthened – to facilitate collaborative engagements between the Women Mediators and formal and informal peace architecture responding to conflict/crises in the state.”

Also on the ‘Role of Women’s Mediators in Developing Conflict Prevention Plan Among State Peace Structures in Response to Insecurity in Plateau State’ by Rhoda Udanyi, she explained that “Mediation is as a process of dispute resolution. It’s one of the most effective and popular forms in the world, which initially mediation was confined in the areas of disputes relating to labour and consumer disputes, and in negotiations relating to international affairs; but it has now evolved as a formal alternative to the traditional procedure of Courtroom Litigation.

“It is now a wing extensively used in matters relating to family relations like divorce, disputes arising out of commercial proceeding and even in disputes relating to the public disputes. Thus, mediation is a growing and an ever-evolving legal mechanism,” she noted.

According to her, “One of the most accepted reasons for this growing popularity of mediation is the fact – and a mindset of people – that the process of mediation provides a conclusion to a dispute that is effective, satisfactory and friendly, and that the process of mediation is less expensive than the traditional court litigation.”

She further explained that, “With the increasing popularity of mediation, the service providers of mediation and training in the field of mediation is rapidly growing throughout the world – the mediator is trained and develops the capability to build a relationship with parties at a personal level.”

She observed that, “A mediator is a neutral facilitator, who helps parties discuss disputes and reach an agreeable settlement. A mediator can usually be a Lawyer, or retired Judge or a non-Attorney specialist in the subject-matter of the dispute.”

Rhoda Udanyi stressed that, “Mediation is also a procedure that can be used in various situations, such as family, business or legal conflicts. The meaning of being a mother is virtually endless.

“A mother is a protector, disciplinarian and friend. A mother is a selfless, loving human, who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children,” she stated.

She added that, “A Conflict Prevention Plan is a strategic approach aimed at anticipating, managing, and mitigating potential conflicts within an organization or community. It involves proactive measures to prevent conflicts from escalating and negatively impacting morale, productivity, and relationships.

While Identifying Sources of Conflict, Rhoda Udanyi made recognition of the “various factors” that can lead to conflicts, such as differences in interests, communication breakdowns, personality clashes, and opposing objectives, while understanding that conflicts can arise due to discrimination, poor communication, divergent working styles, or conflicting values.

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