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Official Launch of Ondo Resource Centre

Official Launch of Ondo Resource Centre

Official Launch of Ondo Resource Centre

CLEEN Foundation and the Ondo branch of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) inaugurated a legal resource centre to promote accountability and transparency in the criminal justice system. The centre presents a human capacity development and empowerment venue for all Nigerians interested in the fight against corruption.

The Ondo State resource centre was inaugurated with the support of the MacArthur Foundation under the ACJA project aimed at Promoting transparency and Accountability in the justice sector with the objective of providing records of court judgments on corruption at zero cost to both lawyers, litigants, media and the public.

The objective is to have Court judgments on corruption easily accessible to both lawyers and litigants seven days from the date of the release of the final judgement.  Rather than wait for the hard copies of court judgments, the judgments would be made available to lawyers at their fingertips through the Uwazi web platform ( Data from courts in Nigeria are currently being collated, uploaded and populated into the UWAZI application online.

The concept to digitalize records of court judgments for reference and research purposes is not a new one as it has gained traction in other parts of the country as well as in Nigeria. The UWAZI online application platform is easily accessible as the platform can be accessed with or without internet connections. The platform is a web based platform created by CLEEN Foundation with support from Huridocs and is aimed at digitalizing courts proceedings and judgments in Nigeria.

It enables users to scan, upload, publish court documents and create table of contents while end users can search, filter documents, track changes, cross reference and download documents and court rulings on criminal cases, The NBA Chairman of Ondo state commended CLEEN for the laudable initiative stating that the resource centre was a commendable initiative while imploring Lawyers and stakeholders in Ondo state to actively interface with the centre as establishment of the centre was long a long awaited reform.

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