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Lagos Ibadan Expressway Site Visitation

Lagos Ibadan Expressway Site Visitation

The CLEEN Consortium engaged by the Federal Government to effectively monitor the utilization of the forfeited assets undertook a technical assessment of the section of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway handled by Reynold’s construction company (RCC) on the 17th of August 2021 at her project office at Km 80.

The visit to the project site was to observe and assess the progress of work against the stipulated project implementation schedule. The CLEEN monitoring engagement revolves around the six components of anti-corruption, engineering, procurement, forensic auditing, infrastructure and anti-human trafficking which are critical in analyzing and monitoring the utilization of the forfeited assets. The end goal is to work towards ensuring that the forfeited funds are used for the greater good of all Nigerians through the infrastructural projects.

The technical reports presented by the RCC team in consonance with the site visitation showed a good level of the progress in line with the set program of works.

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